The vineyard of Meursault

, a very rich and touristy village, active and world-class city thanks to its dynamic organization, its associations including wine unions, had been able to promote its heritage. It is a jewel that conserve its treasures : wine, stone and its rich heritage. It is attractive, not only by the fame of his vineyard, but also by its historical past.

Meursault has what nature does best : sheltered in the west by the mountain of Mont Melian, the slope shows a slight slope of about 4%, erosion is almost zero and the vine does not suffer from excess moisture. The notion of terroir is a way to express the close relationship of wine with the terrain.

Of all time, in Meursault, white wines and red wines have coexisted, but it seems that the orientation towards the white wine is more due to man than to the benefits of nature. He is responsible for the very good reputation of wines from Meursault, what we do not disagree.

The wines of the appellation can have the following label in addition to Meursault’s :

Like all red wines of Burgundy, Pinot Black is the dominant grape, Chardonnay is the grape of choice from white Meursault.

Meursault is a very small appellation because it extends only over a limited area of less than 450 hectares for maybe 15 acres of red..

Meursault wines are very aromatic white wines, with notes of almond, butter (toasted) ...

The mouth is often fatty, especially when the wines have the chance to breed in barrels.


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